“A 21st Century Link Wray” John Robb (Louder Than War)

"He really should know better....but I'm glad he doesn't" Tom Robinson (BBC 6 Music)


Will Crewdson is Scant Regard. A full on electro-popping, rockabilly dabbling, surf-guitar twanging industro-funk explosion in neon hues. 

Also known for being the lead guitarist in Adam Ant's band and The Selecter as well as his own Rachel Stamp and She Made Me Do It, Will really lets his roots show with this unique hybrid of guitar-driven, heavily beat-laden sci-fi mind's eye soundtrack rage. 

Scant Regard's 5th album, Skipping Over Damaged Area has an overall theme of the apocalyptic destruction and devolution of the planet we live on. The demolishing electronic rhythms thread through it's very core underlined by catchy riffs and almost pop-like choruses in places. Creating a sense of hope for a second only to plummet into the depths of doom the next. It's an environmentally unsound joyride through the current human psyche.

'Skipping Over Damaged Area' is available now.